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March 20 & 21, 2015


FROM: Ruby Robinson, President GFRW

Purpose: Meetings will be conducted at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel. This is an organizational meeting and to conduct such business as is reasonable and necessary.


I am delighted to invite you to the combined Winter Board Meeting and Red Coat Day at the Georgia Dome. We will meet at the Georgia Gold Dome on March 20, at 9:00 a.m. The GFRW Board Meeting will be held the following day, March 21, 2015 at 9:00. I look forward to welcoming the 2015 Board Members. As always please remember to bring your Red Coat.

Location: SHERATON ATLANTA HOTEL, 165 Courtland St NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Hotel Reservations: $89.00 per night. (ask for Legislative Rate) Please make your own hotel reservations by calling the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel Reservations 1-800-833-8624. When making reservations, please indicate that you are attending the GFRW Board Meeting. There is a $10.00 per day parking fee for overnight guests.

Registration Fee: Fee of $45.00 includes the Red Coat Day Lunch, Friday Afternoon Seminars and Lunch/Brunch on Saturday. Additional Saturday lunch tickets may be purchased for guest participants at $35.00 each. Lunch on Friday only is $20.00. Round trip bus fare to the Capitol is $20.00.

Registration for this meeting closes on Wednesday, March 12, 2015.


Friday, March 20, 2015
8:45 a.m. Depart from Hotel for Gold Dome. Transportation will be provided round trip. There is an extra charge for transportation costs. This information is forthcoming. Deadline for RSVP for transportation is February 12, 2015.

9:30 a.m. Red Coat Day- Georgia Dome-Capitol Steps, Lunch at the Department of Agriculture Room adjacent to the Capitol.

2:00 p.m. Depart from Capitol to Sheraton

2:30 - 3:30 p.m. Training seminars for Presidents- Room to be announced.

3:30 - 4:30 p.m. Brad Carver, Esq. Senior Managing Director of Government Affairs for Hall Booth Smith, PC

6:30 p.m. Reagan Club Reception. President's Suite TBA . Full Members ($100.00) Only with Proof of Registration. Reagan Club Membership for Individuals and Cl ubs should be sent to Wanda Duffie, Reagan Club Chair, 4193 Day Road, Martinez, GA 30907. If your Club joins the President can attend the reception.

Saturday, March 21, 2015
8:00 - 8:45 a.m. Registration
9:00 a.m. Call to order - Ruby Robinson
Invocation - Joyce Hinton
Pledge of Allegiance - Barbara Schmader

Introductions and Welcome
Welcome and introduction of head table - Ruby Robinson
Appointment of Parliamentarian, Proxy Committee and Call of Proxies - Ruby Robinson
Introduction of Time Keeper and Sergeants-at-Arms- Ruby Robinson
Welcome to the Club Presidents - Ruby Robinson

Roll Call, Proxy Report, Minutes, Committee Reports
Roll Call - Varie Rustin
Report of Proxy Committee - Proxy Committee Chair
Presentation and Approval of Minutes - Varie Rustin
Reports Executive Committee Report
Treasurer's Report - Billie Dendy to include # of Clubs and # of members per Club

New Business
Election of Nominating Committee Pursuant to Article VI of the GFRW Bylaws.

Section 1. Nominations
A. The Nominating Committee shall consist of five (5) members and two (2) alternates

  1. The Nominating Committee shall be elected at the first meeting in the calendar year in which the Convention is to be held.
  2. The alternates shall serve in the order of number of votes at their election.
  3. The members of the committee shall elect a chairman and secretary from their own numbers.
  4. Any member of the Nominating Committee who wishes to seek a position on the Executive Committee shall resign and be replaced by an alternate, selected as described in # 2 above of this Section.
  5. Scheduled meeting for qualified Candidates in good standing in GFRW seeking an Office will be included in the second "Call" of the calendar year to the Board of Directors. Written credentials from candidates should be sent to each member of the Nominating Committee prior to this meeting.
  6. The nominating committee shall submit one nominee for each office in a report sent out with the "Call" thirty (30) days prior to the biennial Convention to all members of the Board of Directors.

    B. Nominations may also be made from the floor following the report of the Nominating Committee.
  7. Nominee(s) from the floor shall give written consent to be nominated.
  8. Nominees from the floor shall give written notice of agreement to serve, if elected.
  9. Written notices in #1 & #2 above may/can be presented in the same document to GFRW Secretary.
Spring Meeting: June 13 and 14 location and details to be announced
Fall Meeting: October 16 and 17 location and details to be announced Adjourn

Luncheon: 12:00 Noon

Invocation - Kathy Strickland
Pledge of Allegiance - Heather Hulsebus
During Lunch- Introduction of Speaker Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols


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