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The women of the GFRW visited the State Capitol on March 20, 2015. GFRW's own Anne Mueller was recognized and introduced in the well, receiving tremendous applause for her past work in the Legislature. The ladies from GFRW in the gallery were also acknowledged and received a standing ovation. Some ladies got a brief tour of the Governor's Office while others made a visit to the Secretary of State's Office later in the day before heading to the Agriculture Building for a boxed lunch. During lunch we were treated to several informational speeches from Legislators and Lobbyists. A new Photo Galleries page has been created and listed under the Events Tab for viewing photos of this event along with previous events. Click on any photo to enlarge for viewing.

Speakers included Rep. Alex Atwood HD 179; Rep. Dustin Hightower HD 68, Rep. Bill Hitchens HD 161; Rep. Heath Clark HD 147, Rep. Brad Raffensberger HD 50, Rep. Micah Gravley HD 67, Rep. Robert Dickey HD 140, Rep. Sam Teasley HD 37, Rep. Barry Fleming HD 121, Martha Zoller, State Policy Director for newly elected Sen. David Perdue and Joyce White, Virginia Galloway and Robert Potts of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, Rick Harris, among others.

After returning to the hotel, GFRW ladies attended a President's Training seminar. The Friday evening was topped off with a Reagan Club Reception featuring an Easter Hat competition.

Saturday's Board of Directors meeting was all business when GFRW elected the Nominating Committee. The newly elected members of the Nominating Committee are:

Johnnell Woody (Cobb County RWC), elected Chairman
Reba Reyna (Coastal RWC)
Marilyn Watts (Greater Fayette RWC)
Natalie Olmi (North DeKalb RWC)
Dee Gay (Cobb County RWC)

Alternates for the Nominating Committee are:
Tony Lancaster (Greater Gwinnett RWC)
Mary Chase (Coweta County RWC)

Members will be receiving notices from the Nominating Committee in the very near future regarding interview dates, meeting places, etc. for the purpose of electing new officers for GFRW for 2016-17.

Saturday's Luncheon speaker was Tim Echols, Public Service Commissioner. Tim is also the founder of TeenPact. TeenPact is a dynamic, hands-on leadership school for Christian students. Their mission is to train youth to understand the political process, value their liberty, defend their Christian faith and engage the culture at a time in their lives when, typically, they do not care about such things. Of course, Tim also spoke about the new rules and regulations being placed on the the Public Service Commission by the government.

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This event is now CLOSED. We look forward to the next Board Meeting which will be a one day event May 14, 2015 in Athens, Georgia, preceding the Georgia GOP State Convention.


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